IPFT Joins Separate State Movement

The BJP’s partner in the Tripura government Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura (IPFT) has sent as many as 500 of it’s volunteers to join in demonstration organised by National Federation For New States in Delhi today.
Besides, IPFT volunteers a large number of supporters seeking for new states curving out the present states has participated in the demonstration. The demonstrators urged the prime minister to consider the demand of separate state, including Twipraland.


Being a partner in the BJP led coalition government, IPFT’s participation in the new states movement evoked questions among the opposition parties. Before assembly election BJP had clarified their stand against the demand of separate tribal state within Tripura but assured IPFT that the state government will take action to address the grievances of socio-economic, cultural and educational issues of the tribal.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the swearing in ceremony of the new government here a week ago had expressed the intention of the Centre to build a new Tripura by developing tribal communities of the state and fulfilling their longstanding demands.

In nine members cabinet of Biplab Deb’s cabinet has two IPFT ministers and one of them who is also the general secretary of IPFT and holding the portfolio of forest and tribal welfare Mevar Kr Jamatia has attended the demonstration in favour of the demand.

“The party, which is a partner of the government that rejected the demand and on common understanding both the parties forged alliance to form the government now shifted to it’s original form to press for separate tribal state indicated a bad omen for the government,” said IPFT’s rival Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra (INPFT) vice president Jagadish Debbarma.

Though INPT fought against BJP-IPFT alliance in the election but the party appreciated the stand of BJP in regard to the demand of IPFT and said, “The people of Tripura voted the alliance believing BJP’s promise that they will not entertain any move to divide Tripura and it is also cleared that IPFT joined in the alliance accepting it. So, now the government has to clarify how IPFT shifted from the commitment.”The CPI-M has also raised the same demand seeking clarification from BJP over IPFT’s participation the separate state movement. CPI-M tribal front leader and Loksabha MP Jitendra Choudhury said, “Since beginning we have been asking the same clarification and always BJP denied the apprehension but now it appears reverse.”On the other, BJP Vice President Subal Bhowmik stated BJP never accepted any such demand and prime minister made it clear that there is no scope of further division of states. However, BJP is committed to ensure development of tribal people of Tripura and strengthen autonomous district council. The Central government has already initiated move to study socio-economic, cultural and linguistic issues of tribal.

“IPFT has it’s own political entity and objectives, which is no way related to alliance or government,” Mr Bhowmik added.

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